Learn How To Kickstart Your Round-The-World Adventure (And Stay Traveling For Longer)

After spending a year planning our own round the world adventure (and then touring the world for over 3 years), we have packaged all our tips, tricks, and sneaky resources into an easy-to-read eBook that will help to get YOU to live YOUR dream.

It's been designed to give you everything you might need, from the right inspiration and how to get your money matters sorted, to making planning something this monumental, a thing you actually enjoy doing. We've also included a chapter to help you navigate life once you're actually on the road.

After inspiring hundreds of thousands of people through our story on Instagram and our blog, and after receiving incredible feedback from our TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD online course, we realised that we wanted to make our knowledge and learnings even more accessible to everyone...hence this eBook.

We want YOU to join us on an exotic island somewhere soon, so if you have been looking for a way to make your travel-around-the-world dreams come true, or you've been looking for a push to get you to finally set off on a jet plane, or if you simply want to know some insider tricks of the best ways to travel, let us take you through our journey, and show you how we managed to give up the good life (to live an incredibly AMAZING life instead).

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How Far From Home
How Far From Home

Hey! We are Chanel & Stevo, a couple of ex-advertising creatives who quit their 9-to-5 to travel around the world.

After nearly 3 years on the road (and 47 countries under our belt) we've decided to share all our know-how so that we can get more people to follow their dreams (just like we did).

If you're familiar with our story, you know that we are passionate about creativity and adventure, and aim to inspire everyone we meet to collect memories (and not things). You see, we had things. Many things. After finishing our degrees in branding and communications, we went on to live a pretty normal life, with a beautiful home, shiny cars, and a lot of stuff – stuff that we were working our butts off to afford. Then one day, after seeing an idol of ours (design agency owner Stefan Sagmeister) talk about the power of time off, we decided to stop the spending, start saving, and aim for something bigger. The How Far From Home project was born, and off we went with a one-way ticket to see the world.

We're hoping this course can change your life in the same way Mr Sagmeister's talk changed ours.

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